The holidays are a busy time of year, filled with parties and events. As a GreatAuPair au pair, you will want to enjoy the fun and festivities of New Year’s Eve in the US. Please keep the following tips in mind as you make your New Year’s Eve plans.

1) Don’t drink and drive. Not even a little bit. Don’t let anyone with you drink and drive and do not get in a car if the driver has had anything to drink.  It is always dangerous to be on the road on New Year’s Eve. If possible, ask to spend the night with a friend or book a room within walking distance of your festivities to avoid potential drunk drivers. If you must be on the road, be prepared for increased cab fare and ride-sharing surge prices. There may also be sobriety check points on the road set up by state and local police.

2) Watch what you drink. Alcohol is often a part of most New Year’s Eve celebrations. If you are under 21 years of age, it is illegal to drink in the U.S. so please be sure to follow all state and federal laws, especially on New Year’s Eve. Even if you and your friends are not drinking, you will likely encounter intoxicated people over the course of the night so please be aware of your surroundings. If you are drinking, please keep in mind your limits. It’s best to alternate one alcoholic beverage with water or other non-alcoholic option. And NEVER leave your beverage unattended!  Keep an eye on friends too. If someone feels a strong effect after drinking only a little, seek help immediately as that person may have been drugged.

3) Make a plan. Know where you are going and who is going with you. A good rule is “arrive together, stay together and leave together”. Never leave anyone behind and please don’t go home with a stranger! Always be aware of your surroundings and if you get separated from your group, you will want to know where you are, where you’re going, and how to get home.

4) Charge your phone. Be sure your phone is fully charged and consider bringing an extra charger with you.

5) Keep track of your belongings. If you plan to bring your passport because you do not have a US State ID or Driver’s license, please keep it safe and with you at all times. As an au pair, it can be very difficult, time consuming and expensive to replace your passport if you lose it.

6) Inform your Host Family. Please let your host family know when you plan to be home and if you will be staying out all night. Host families will also be concerned about your safety so give them a general idea of your plans and when to expect you back.

If you’re staying home with your host children on New Year’s Eve, you can still have a great, kid-friendly party! Here are some ideas of things to do:

1) Make New Year’s

2) Make your own noise

3) Have an indoor balloon

4) Build a

5) Have fun snacks and

6) Share your country or family’s tradition with your host

Most of all have fun and be safe! GreatAuPair wishes you a very happy 2019!